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Current projects:

2009–2011, the project on “Combating trafficking in Persons in Turkmenistan through Capacity building of law Enforcement officers and Involved Government Agencies” and funded by International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs at US Department, is currently implemented by IOM in Turkmenistan (for more details see the link )

2009-2012, the project “Combating trafficking in Persons in Turkmenistan through Prevention, Protection and Capacity Building of local NGOs” and funded by MFA Norway, is currently implemented by IOM in Turkmenistan (for more deails see)

2010-2013, the IOM Central Asian Regional Counter-Trafficking project, inlcuding Turkmenistan, funded by  United States Agency for International Development  (for more details see the link) 

In 2008 – 2009, under the 5th DIPECHO Action Plan for Central Asia, project proposal «Capacity building of local authorities and communities in the areas of Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan affected by natural disasters» has been submitted to ECHO in May 2008 and approved in August 2008.

In 2006 – 2007, under the 4th DIPECHO Action Plan for Central Asia, project proposal «Preparing assistance to vulnerable population in the areas of Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan affected by natural disasters» has been submitted to ECHO in October 2006 and approved in March 2007. The goal of the project: «Preparing assistance to vulnerable population in the areas of Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan affected by natural disasters».

In 2006-2007, “Combating trafficking in persons in Central Asia: Prevention, Protection and Capacity Building” – the regional project funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway. The project aimed to contribute to combating trafficking in persons in Central Asia, through prevention, protection and capacity building activities.

In 2003 – 2004, IOM Turkmenistan implemented project on “Combating trafficking in persons in Central Asia: Prevention, Protection and Capacity Building” financed by US government;

In 2002, IOM in Turkmenistan with the supports of the Governments of Turkmenistan and Armenia in close cooperation with the embassy of Armenia in Turkmenistan began to realize the Programme on voluntary return of the Armenians illegally lived in Turkmenistan to their Motherland. The Government of Turkmenistan with the relevant aid of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Border Guards, the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan set up all the necessary arrangement for organized return of 104 Armenians to their places of residence.  The IOM Turkmenistan coordinated and organized all logistics including covering all the expenses dealt with this action, costs of air tickets, visa processing, transportation the Armenians from the different places of residence in Turkmenistan to Ashgabat and further to airport, medical service and reintegration grants for each family.

In 2000 – 2002, in close collaboration of IOM Turkmenistan with UNHCR, the Governments of the USA and Canada had organized the dispatch of 278 refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq, who temporary lived in Turkmenistan.

In 1998 – 2001, with support of the Government of Turkmenistan, the project on voluntary return of the Tadjik people to their Motherland was realized. The Government of Turkmenistan has made an enormous contribution for security support, providing passport border and control and custom’s procedures. IOM had covered all the expenses of Tadjik people deals with their registration, transportation from Turkmenistan to Tadjikistan by railway and plane, providing foods and escort on their way to Tadjikistan and delivering them to their places of residence in the Republic of Tadjikistan.

In 2002, IOM Turkmenistan organized the visit of the international expert Mr. Oakley Duff to Ashgabat to conduct the boarder control assessment in the Turkmen sites and drawing up the recommendations on improving its technical facilities and migration management in Turkmenistan. According to this assessment the preliminary report was prepared. Then, in cooperation with the OSCE and UNHCR, round of seminars for staff members of Law Enforcement Agencies, Khakimlik representatives, Consular departments and Customs service on: “Training courses for customs and border guards” carried out facilitated by the experts from Turkey and France.

In 2001, IOM in Turkmenistan held two seminars in Mary and Turkmenabat for the staff of law enforcement agencies, customs, hyakimliks and consulates. The main purposes of these seminars were: to realize the Decree of Saparmurat Turkmenbashy, the President of Turkmenistan on improving the relevant agencies activities which provide the foreign citizens visiting Turkmenistan with the optimal conditions and regulations. Also, IOM in Turkmenistan with the government structures conducted the round of seminars in the velayats devoted to the Turkmen laws, currently in force on migration issues and to the experience of the EC countries in drawing up the migration procedures and policy.

In 2000, IOM in Turkmenistan with the Israil Government support organized the business trip to Israil for the members of working group to receive the needed information in the field of migration law, to learn the activities of the relevant agencies and to use the experience of this country in their activity directed on preparing the proposals on migration issues for the Turkmen Government.

In 1999-2000, the IOM office in Turkmenistan organized free computer and English language courses for the police staff of passport control department and frontier guards from the boarder control department of State Boarder Service of Turkmenistan (August 1999- Dashoguz; December 1999-Ashgabat; September-October 1999 – Ashgabat; March-June 2000 – Ashgabat).

In July 1998, the Turkmen Government in cooperation with the UNHCR and later with the IOM established the Information Center in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant substructure for coordination for the migration processes providing with the necessary equipments and facilities.

In 1998, in addition, within the framework of bilateral cooperation the Turkmen Government and the IOM started to work up on migration strategy and policy. IOM organized two seminars on this issue with the international expert’s participation. As the result of these seminars the National working group, approved by the Government of Turkmenistan, was set up.  The National working group included the representatives of the Medjlis, MFA, MIA, MJ and the Institute of Democracy and Human Rights under the President of Turkmenistan. This Group deals with the issues on improving the national laws on migration, elaborating the proposals on migration policy, establishing the Administrative Body on migration management for the Government of Turkmenistan. The IOM assisted the Group with the consultations providing by the international experts, supplies with the necessary literature and other facilities.

In 1998, the national seminar on the problems of prevention the illegal migration among foreign visitors was held.  The main organizers of the seminar were IOM and the National Institute of Democracy and Human Rights under the President of Turkmenistan.


In December 1997, within the framework of technical cooperation, IOM in Turkmenistan organized the First Conference among the relevant ministries on establishing the foundations of migration management in Turkmenistan. This meeting was held by the Government of Turkmenistan support in order to enhance the effectiveness in the process of migration management and regulations. According to the outcomes of the Conference, the Government of Turkmenistan prepared the Plan of Action and officially approved the Program of technical cooperation demonstrating the readiness and willingness to create the unified system on migration management in conformity with the international standards. Due to the Turkmen Government’s requirement, in order to bring up the drafts of the laws “ About emigration”, “About Immigration” in accordance with the universally recognized standards,  IOM Center of Technical Cooperation in Vienna made an expert assessment of this documents involving the international experts to this process.