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IOM Strategy for Central Asia


We live in an age of unprecedented human mobility. Migration is considered one of the defining global issues of the early twenty-first century, with more and more people on the move today than at any other point in history.In Central Asia, which has been a crossroads of goods and people from the days of the Silk Road, hundreds of thousands of people move daily across the international borders in search of employment and opportunity. Millions of Central Asians work abroad and remit funds to their families. Over the last decade, migration became a major contributor to development throughout Central Asia, but also created many complex challenges for migrants, societies and governments alike, including but not limited to: increase in irregular migration, trafficking and smuggling of human beings; population displacements as the result of conflict, natural disasters, and economic crisis; security, law enforcement and public health issues; as well as difficulties of inter-state cooperation on migration issues.IOM has been present in Central Asia since 1992, providing sustainable and collaborative solutions for managing migration to all five region’s states through the network of IOM offices, IOM partner NGOs and through regional information sharing and training.............................Zlatko ZigicIOM Coordinator for Central Asia

IOM Central Asia Strategy in English

IOM Central Asia Strategy in Russian