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Creating and enabling environment to Combat Trafficking in Persons


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Turkmenistan declared independence in October, 1991. The newly established independent country faced period of economic transition, which, in turn, led to migration of the people both within the country as well as abroad, as people started to move seeking work to improve their welfare. The economic instability and migration processes made many countries of Central Asia, including Turkmenistan, vulnerable and exposed to criminal threats. One such threat was the phenomenon of human trafficking.

In order to support the Government of Turkmenistan in dealing with the issue of migration and trafficking in persons, IOM established an office in Ashgabat in 1998 and began implementing projects and programs focused on combating trafficking in persons and resolving migration-related challenges. These projects and programs were implemented in close cooperation with the Government of Turkmenistan as well as with other related government agencies and national NGOs. Since 1998, IOM Turkmenistan carried out projects aimed to repatriate refugees in their home countries, build capacity in migration management and combat trafficking in persons through building capacity of law enforcement organizations and NGOs, funded by organizations such as UNHCR, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs of the US Department of State.

During 2000—2007, mobilizing resources and attention to combating human trafficking in Turkmenistan, IOM trained 300 officers and representatives of law enforcement organizations on combating trafficking in persons, raised public awareness of the issue through the distribution of 41,000 copies of informational materials, trained 15 NGOs on counter-trafficking and migration issues, assisted the Government in the establishment of information resource centers at the Ministry of Justice, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the Turkmen National Institute for Human Rights at the President of Turkmenistan and provided rehabilitation and reintegration assistance to victims of trafficking.

Recognizing the development of a legislative base as an essential tool for promoting and attracting attention to the issue of human trafficking, IOM collaborated and provided technical assistance to the Government, including contributing to the formation of a national working group on the development of counter-trafficking law, bringing in an external consultant in support of the working group, and assisting in the organization of working group meetings.

The mutual efforts done through effective cooperation and collaboration between IOM and the Government of Turkmenistan yielded a remarkable result: the adoption of a new law. In December 2007, the Government of Turkmenistan passed a Law of Turkmenistan on Combating Trafficking in Persons. In turn, the law contributes and facilitates the recognition of this problem on the national level and demonstrates Government’s stance, policy and commitment to counter-trafficking through prevention and protection activities.

For Turkmenistan to effectively implement the new counter-trafficking law and combat trafficking in persons, however, there was a need for further efforts in the development of legislative prosecution documents as well as awareness-raising of law enforcement organizations on the law. To this end, IOM Turkmenistan continued its efforts to support the Government through conducting training to law enforcement officials and judges, particularly in providing them with information on criminal and penal aspects of human trafficking and sharing with them the experiences of the neighboring countries on the same issue. In addition, «informational manuals on human trafficking prosecution activities for law enforcement agencies and organizations of Turkmenistan», were distributed among the law enforcement organizations and agencies.

Building the capacity and promoting the partnership through learning the best practices and sharing the experiences to effectively eliminate organized crime of human trafficking


On September 8-9th of 2011, IOM Turkmenistan with the support of the Government of Turkmenistan and Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, U.S. State Department, hosted the International Workshop. »Read more...

Increased legal literacy of NGOs in protecting victims of trafficking before and after trial


On 22-23 of August 2011, International Organization for Migration (IOM) organized the training course on "the legal literacy of NGOs to protect victims of trafficking before and after the trial" in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The training was attended not only by more »Read more...

Public Service Announcement (PSA) of the Hotlines in Turkmenistan


Public Service Advertisement of the Hotlines in Turkmenistan. The “Hotlines” provides free of charge consultations via phone on confidential and anonymous basis for the population of Turkmenistan on the following areas: read the video............. »Read more...

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IOM in brief leaflet, May 2010


Вакансия: Национальный консультант/эксперт для разработки сборника законодательных актов Туркменистана по вопросам торговли людьми

Офис Международной организации по миграции (МОМ) в Туркменистане ищет квалифицированных экспертов и/или научных сотрудников в области юриспруденции, политологии или других социальных наук, права, и международных отношений, желательно имеющих опыт в области борьбы по торговле людьми для составления сборника законодательных актов в рамках проекта МОМ «Усиление борьбы с торговлей людьми и защита уязвимых мигрантов в Центральной Азии в ответ на региональные и глобальные вызовы, финансируемого правительством Норвегии.

Вакансия: Ведущий эксперт по разработке учебного пособия «Международное миграционное право: возвратная миграция»

Офис Международной организации по миграции (МОМ) в Казахстане ищет квалифицированных специалистов из числа экспертов и/или преподавателей национальных учебных заведений и/или центров повышения квалификации центральноазиатского региона для координации, разработки и пилотирования учебного пособия на тему «Международное миграционное право: возвратная миграция

Вакансия: Национальный эксперт по разработке учебного пособия «Международное миграционное право: возвратная миграция»

Офис Международной организации по миграции (МОМ) в Казахстане ищет квалифицированных специалистов среди экспертов и/или преподавателей национальных учебных заведений и/или центров повышения квалификации из Казахстана, Кыргызстана, Таджикистана, Туркменистана и Узбекистана для разработки и пилотирования учебного пособия на тему «Международное миграционное право: возвратная миграция».