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IOM CA Newsletter on Counter-Trafficking Programs - December, 2011


Turkmenistan: Strengthening the capacity of law enforcement agencies working in the field of counter-trafficking

In October 2011, IOM Turkmenistan launched a new project on “Strengthening the capacities of Law Enforcements Affairs of Turkmenista supported by the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs at US State Department (INL). It became possible due to the successful implementation of the previous project in close cooperation with the Government of Turkmenistan. Focusing on implementation of combating trafficking in persons (TIP) programs through the three “Ps” component: prevention, protection and prosecution, the latter is strategically aimed at contributing to combating trafficking in persons in Turkmenistan through awareness-raising and capacity-building activities among law enforcement (LE) officers and involved government agencies  of Turkmenistan.

New project will be the follow up of the previous project and it will strengthen and reinforce the capacities of the law enforcement organizations and agencies of Turkmenistan on TIP issues. As the result of completed project, 4,000 informational materials including brochures CDs and manuals were distributed among law enforcement organizations and agencies of Turkmenistan, 237 law enforcement officers, prosecutors, police and 17 judges were trained  on anti-trafficking legislation and practices to counteract human trafficking, one Study Tour was organized to Turkey for five LE officials of Turkmenistan and one International workshop conducted on sharing the best practices and learning the experiences on TIP with western and eastern European countries.

While the first INL funded project aimed at raising the awareness of LE agencies and organizations on TIP and aimed at maximum coverage of number of officers, the new project will focus on the localization of the knowledge and skills. Utilizing the results and trained human resources from LE agencies and organizations during the previous phase of the project, within the frame of the new phase, IOM Turkmenistan will focus on localizing and reinforcing the capacities and knowledge of LEs on TIP, skills and best practices through conducting TOT trainings for LEs on TIP, through case-study based workshops on investigating, prosecuting and convicting traffickers.

The close cooperation and support between IOM, the Government of Turkmenistan and INL enables the consistency and succession of implemented projects and programs that promotes the progress in the area of TIP prosecution in Turkmenistan as well as advances the sustainability of implemented projects.

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