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The provision of social, psychological and legal assistances to children victims of trafficking training


On 23—24 August, 2012 in the city of Ashgabat, training supported by US Agency for International Development (USAID) on «The provision of social, psychological and legal assistances to children victims of trafficking» was organized by International Organization for Migration (IOM). The experts from Moldova, who have extensive experience in assisting to children victims of trafficking, were invited for successful realization of training, lawyer — Tatiana Catana and psychologist — Lidia Gorceag.

The overall objective of the workshop was to equipthemembers of NGO network, representatives of the public organizations and associations of Turkmenistan, which are engaged in awareness-raising campaigns for the prevention of human trafficking, with the provision of rehabilitation and re-integration assistances to children victims of trafficking.

Not only the heads and social workers of NGOs and public organizations were invited to the training, but also the lawyers and psychologists of the organizations.

The training focused on studying the phenomenon of child trafficking, identifying and determining the forms of child exploitation. During the sessions, the participants had an opportunity to identify cases of trafficking in children, to assess the vulnerability indicators of the child and face the factors that may impede the identification. Participants received the recommendations for developing methods to address them. Special attention was paid to the methodology of work with victims’ adolescents, providing them with psychological assistance and the types of psychological reactions of the child to crisis.

Participants had an opportunity to become acquainted with the experience of Moldova Republic in managing a crisis center for children, to learn the Center’s strategy and to be oriented in all types of assistances provided by the center.

The International experts shared work experiences and mechanisms on protecting the rights of children through «The National Referral System of Moldova» and «National System of Assistance and Protection».

One of the major outcomes of the training was the jointly developed rehabilitation and reintegration plan for the children- victim of trafficking.

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