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Preparing assistance to vulnerable population in the areas of Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan affected by natural disasters (DIPECHO IV)

Project proposal «Preparing assistance to vulnerable population in the areas of Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan affected bynatural disasters» has been submitted to ECHO in October 2006 and approved in March 2007. The summary of the project (2007 — 2008):

Considering that the area of Turkmenistan is affected on a regular basis by different types of disasters such as earthquakes, mudslides, flooding, salinity, hot winds which all have a devastating effect on the livelihoods of vulnerable people, this project aims at providing vulnerable rural populations of Turkmenistan with increased awareness and preventive capacity towards natural disasters.

This pilot project will include disaster awareness activities based on active involvement of local communities in the disaster prone areas for better preparedness to the potential disasters. To achieve this goal, activists from a number of local communities will attend training for trainers on disaster preparedness and in turn will train the broader audience at the DP centers established in their communities. Additionally educational materials will be developed for including in the school extra curricula classes in the disaster prone areas. Meetings and dialogues will be organized on the subject of risk reduction with all stakeholders and disaster response plans will be developed with allocation of responsibilities.

Overall Objective is raising awareness among the population in disaster prone and designing/adopting community based disaster preparedness plans in 21 villages and further distribution among local authorities.

Project Purposes:

  • Advocacy and public awareness raising among the population in the area of disaster preparedness
  • Education/Training for teachers and pupils, including training of trainers
  • Simulations and competitions conducted at school level
  • Local capacity building/training for government authorities
  • Support in the organization and trainings of local disaster management structures/committees
  • Trainings for raising awareness on possible disaster risks
Seminars conducted on the community level for development and management of the community based disaster preparedness plans.

Expected results:

Expected result 1

The Emergency plans are designed and adapted to 21 villages in Turkmenistan by IOM partners jointly with IOM and MEES and distributed among the population, in schools and organizations. At their respective villages’ conventions, residents within at-risk areas have been informed about the danger and the risk of staying within a disaster-prone zone and provided with plans. Local disaster committees are organized and trained on developing local community disaster response plans. The local population is aware of the risks and nature of possible disasters and disaster preparedness and action plans are designed, approved and adopted.

The residents of the respective villages were organized to cooperate with the representatives of the agencies participating in the Project implementation. The work was also focusing forming local disaster committees for each particular village from the number of 21 villages of the Lebap velayat.

Expected result 2

In Turkmenistan, community facilitators are identified and trained. Community facilitators conduct trainings for local population.

The process of identification and nomination of community facilitators was successfully accomplished. First community trainings initiated in September and had a general nature covering the introductory part of the Emergency plans for local population, as well as the basic components of the First Aid training during emergency situations.

After the community facilitators were trained the second phase of trainings took place and targeted the local communities residing in 21 villages of the Lebap velayat.

Expected result 3

The trainings for local authorities were conducted by IOM partners in Turkmenistan jointly with IOM and MEES. The Disaster Response Plans are implemented on a regular basis and the capacity of local communities is strengthened to the level of sustainability.

As soon as the Emergency plans were approved and adopted, IOM and its national partners jointly with the Civil Defense of Turkmenistan have started conducting trainings on the implementation of the Community based Disaster Response plans for local authorities and population in 21 villages of the Lebap velayat.

Expected result 4

Workshops and meetings with Government officials, local authorities, NGOs and other partners conducted to achieve better coordination towards implementation and monitoring the project results.

In June 2007, IOM has conducted one Round table in Turkmenabat city with participation of Government authorities (representatives from Municipal services and the Staff of Civil Defense of the Lebap velayat) and NGO (National Red Crescent Society of Turkmenistan). The main tasks of the meeting were to present a project outlines and objectives as well as assure the further coordination within the project implementation areas. It was agreed to have joint monitoring missions on monthly bases with participation of all stakeholders.

In July 2007, IOM together with the Office of Civil Defense of the Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan has conducted a workshop «Preparing assistance to vulnerable population in the areas of Turkmenistan affected by natural disasters: Roles and Responsibilities of parties concerned». The main objective of the workshop was to assure coordination among IOM, Civil Defense, as a main national partner organizations, and NGOs for better implementation of the current project.