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Combating trafficking in persons in Turkmenistan (2008-2009)

Training eventProject title: Combating trafficking in persons in Turkmenistan: Prevention, protection and capacity building

Project period: 01 December 2008 — 31 November 2009

Project partners: During the whole period of the project implementation, non-governmental organisations (NGO) have been playing significant role in providing direct assistance to VoTs, conducting trainings and raising awareness among vulnerable population as well as governmental authorities on the issues of prevention of and protection from the phenomenon of trafficking in persons in the country. IOM has identified five NGOs, which have been involved directly in holding information campaigns and dissemination of informative publication materials, like booklets, brochures, pamphlets, etc., throughout the country.

Governmental Agencies, such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Migration Service, Prosecutor’s General Office, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, State Border Guards Service, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of National Security, National Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, remain to be the main IOM national strategic partners in implementing programs on combating trafficking in persons in Turkmenistan.

Project description: The project aimed to contribute to combating trafficking in persons in Turkmenistan, through prevention, protection and capacity-building activities. This project has been a follow-up to a previous regional project financed by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, which was completed in December 2007. Within the framework of the new project, IOM has continued to cooperate with NGOs in Turkmenistan, on dissemination of information on the risks of human trafficking and illegal migration in their respective cities, organised and facilitated trainings with target populations, and provided direct assistance to victims of trafficking.

IOM also has continued to assist the Government of Turkmenistan in enhancing legislation related to combating trafficking in human beings, in developing the skills of law enforcement officials for effective investigation and prosecution of crimes related to human trafficking, and in establishing a training framework for relevant state authorities.

Main objectives: To contribute to global measurements on combating trafficking in human beings followed by strengthening of national assistance to victims of trafficking through improvement and creation of national partner NGO network together with improvement of involved state agencies. Capacity building of national law enforcement officers in identification and prosecution.

  • Capacity building of relevant government officials through specialised training.
  • To establish normative legal base and counter-trafficking infrastructure in the country.
  • To enhance the capacity of NGOs to address trafficking in persons.
  • To raise public awareness of the groups at risk of being trafficked.
  • To provide direct assistance to victims of trafficking.

Reports and results of the project "Combating trafficking in persons in Turkmenistan" (2008-2009)


Activities done: Activity 1: Public awareness and information dissemination activities Designed, laid out, edited posters, brochures and leaflets Produced and printed posters, brochures and leaflets (33 500 copies) Disseminated information materials…