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Combating trafficking in persons in Turkmenistan: Prevention, Protection and NGO capacity Building (2009-2012)

Training eventThe project goal is to contribute to combating trafficking in persons in Turkmenistan by strengthening local NGOs and national assistance to VoTs. It will assist in the creation of strong NGO network to provide assistance to Victims of Trafficking (VoT) through reintegration and rehabilitation activities. The project encompasses a number of tasks that will be implemented, such as the establishment of the «Rehabilitation center» for the Victims of Trafficking, develop of capacitates of local NGOs in the process of rehabilitation, reintegration and identification of VoTs in the country. Among other tasks and objectives, the establishment of the nationwide hotline will be an essential component of the project. Information dissemination component will be a pillar of the project and will contribute to identification of the local VoTs, will increase public awareness as well as will prevent potential beneficiaries from the risk of being trafficked, thus decreases the vulnerability of country’s population.

Project period: 1 December 2009 — 1 December 2012

Project Donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway


Brief Project Summary

Project Report